STRESS: Conflict between biology and culture

Together Magazine #43 November 2013 (p.26 -28)

Author: Tom Meyers

Stress, what is it? Why has stress become such a nuisance? What can I do about it? These three questions are pertinent when you look at some recent health statistics:

  1. In 2011 stress levels increased by 48% according to a global business survey

  2. 70 to 95% of all illnesses are related to stress

  3. 1.1 million Belgians use antidepressants

  4. In 2011, 13,5 million boxes of sleeping pills were sold in Belgium

  5. 1 in 4 Belgian employees is at risk of burn-out

Why has stress become such a problem for your health, relationships and our economy?

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Keep your cool at Christmas

Together Magazine #44 December 2013 (p.24 -25)

Author: Tom Meyers

The holiday season is here – the days are getting shorter and darker and we look forward to the festivities, to the laughter and visits to friends and family or, perhaps, a well-deserved holiday. For some, however, the Christmas period is not so cheerful since it is the time when one looks back at another year gone by. Perhaps you have lost someone dear or have become estranged from family and friends due to changes in your personal life. And you feel very lonely. Regardless how you get by during this period, the festive season always comes with an unwelcome guest: stress. All that extra pressure and expense can be at a cost, not just to your wallet but also your health.

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The World is a reflection of You.

Together Magazine # 51 September 2014 (p.29 -30)

Author: Tom Meyers

“If only I had…”. “If only I was…” Stop right there and reflect on the following phrase ‘The world is a chewing gum: it takes the shape of your teeth’ coined by Professor Stefano D’Anna author of the personal development book ‘The School for Gods’.

The essence of this quote is that you are the creator of your environment, that your environment is the sole creation of your being, your thoughts, mind and body.

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written by Tom Meyers

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written by Tom Meyers

Oct. 2014 p.24-25

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The Reconnection

Reaset: The return of Ease

Reaset.pdf by Tom Meyers

Are you running after yourself? Do you feel tense, suffer from physical pains, headaches,...? Do you feel that your mind is slow, that you doubt more then usual and feel that focussing has become more difficult?

Maybe your are locked into your survival ‘fight and flight’ mode.

Reaset: The return of Ease - is about how you can reset yourself and others back into ease in times of stress, change and challenges.


Reaset: Le retour à Soi

Reaset_Le_retour_a_Soi.pdf par Tom Meyers

Dans certaines circonstances, le stress est bénéfique puisqu’il nous permet de surmonter le danger et donc, de survivre. Lorsque le danger est écarté, la réponse au stress doit se remettre en mode ‘veille’.

Si la réponse ne se fait pas automatiquement, nous devons l’activer manuellement.

Reaset ‘le retour à Soi’ peut nous aider à restaurer la réponse au stress en mode ‘veille’, afin de vivre pleinement notre potentiel.

Health Matters is a weekly feature on the Brussels commercial radio: RadioX

“This is no Joke”:

Stress in the Deeper Future

Interview with Tom Meyers by the TedX Brussels team (25/01/2016)

Comming soon: “Reaset: The Return of Ease” the book


As fate goes it is written in the stars but choose your destiny.

Tom Meyers

The greatest challenge to our health and wellbeing is the exponential rate with which our culture and environment has changed compared to our biological evolution. In the effort to keep pace we have completely lost contact with ourselves, our core values and often walk a path that is not our own, resulting in among others the neglect of our innate drive for self-actualisation.

This conflict between biology and culture is the main reason why stress has become a nuisance, to the point that it makes us sick, and more it is killing us, and not only us. We have to stop burying our heads in the sand and face that our current health approach is failing us, let alone preparing us for the still faster-changing world.

In his book ‘Reaset: The Return of Ease’, Tom takes you on a journey where he interlaces various aspects of personal development, health and healing into a compelling* self-help guide to thrive in times of change, adversity and stress.

Author Bio:

Tom Meyers is an Osteopath D.O., Stress-Coach, writer and visionary in the field of health and wellbeing. He runs a private practice in Brussels Belgium and travels on a regular basis to give presentations and workshops on the topic of ‘Understanding and Managing Stress’. His personal experience and professional insights have led to the development of the ‘Reaset Approach’, a novel body-mind healing approach and educational system.