My paintings are created intuitively and after each layer is completed Reconnective and Reaset healing is performed on them.

Acrylic paint is water and water crystallization changes to more open, vibrant and what we perceive as more beautiful forms when it senses Light, Love and positive intentions: Engagement phase. This change in crystallization was brought to light by Dr. Masuro Emoto.

Once the paintings are dry and the Love and Light information is merged it starts to emit those frequencies and harmonize a room, house, person,...: disengagement phase.

One of the paintings I made in this way in 2011 hangs now in the living room of a family with two children. The mother has told me that since the painting hanging up her children are much calmer in that room...

The painting O' Live as you 'R is made on this principle but has a unique and personal touch to it. It is the first painting made by assignment and I was sensing into the person while painting it. Not a-only was I sensing by I also after each layer completed I gave him distant healing. This process is normally performed in a way that I imagine that that person is laying on my massage table. In this case however it was the drying painting that was under my hands. So not only holds the painting Love and Light energy it also is interlaced with healing frequencies specific for that person. Healing frequencies that will now be released into his home.

Would you like one of these specially made for you or would you like to give one to a friend as a present? Then do not hesitate to contact me.



Healing Instilled Paintings

by Tom Meyers