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What patients say:

★★★★★ I am amazed by the results Tom can have in one single session. The first time I met him, I was struggling with a very painful sciatica, during the session I had the clear perception that the problem was over. The day after I could drive my car!! and in a couple of days all the pain has disappeared while during a previous sciatica episode it took me over 10 days of cortisone to start feeling less pain... This time I came to him after 2 month with a tennis elbow that nothing seemed to relief. Again, in one session, the pain is over and my arm is working perfectly!

Thank you! Gaia, B.

★★★★★ Pour moi Tom est un des meilleurs osteopathes jamais rencontré... il est très consciencieux, toujours en recherche pour évoluer dans son travail et cela porte ses fruits! il a de l'or dans les mains. Que ce soit moi ou un de mes enfants ou récemment des amis, nous sortons chaque fois en pleine forme de chez lui. Et si un problème physique a du etre corrigé j'en suis toujours revenue soulagée et guérie et bien remise dans mon axe de vie.. son travail est holistique et donc très complet. Tom est sympathique et ça contribue à avoir confiance en lui et en son travail. Son cabinet est agréable.

Bref une adresse recommandée! Brigitte, W.

A novel approach towards integral health and wellbeing in Body and Mind.

The evolution towards a more computerised work environment has changed the way we work and the way work is organised. These changes have given rise to new, biomechanical, psychological and psychosocial, occupational health risks that have contributed towards an increase in work-related musculoskeletal pain and stress.

Osteopathic Body-Coaching

Healthy Workplaces Manage Stress

Is work-stress effecting the health of your employees and the productivity of your company?

Are you looking for an effective solution to improve health and wellbeing of your employees then watch the video and see how I can help you manage stress levels more effectively.

For more information or a quote send me an email or give me a call on +32 (0)472 399 779

"Tom's talks, at the Brussels Imagination Club, about stress and its affect on the body and mind are insightful as are his suggestions on how to deal with stress effectively. I highly recommend him as a speaker."

Jeffrey Baumgartner:  http://www.jpb.com" author of The Way of the Innovation Master, inventor of Anticonventional Thinking and co-founder of the Brussels Imagination Club"

Reaset Breathing

To accompany the breathing exercises I composed two cyclical accompaniments. Reaset Breathing 1 is composed with the sound of seagulls and wave while Reaset Breathing 2 is a tune on the piano.

You can download them for FREE here:

Reaset Breathing 1: http://cl.ly/2z2v32233X0t

Reaset Breathing 2: http://cl.ly/0v0J1f2w1S2o

Understanding and Managing Stress Presentation Video

“We have really appreciate the good collaboration. You had taken into account all our questions and doubts we had token about before.  Your intervention met our expectations and we received good returns from our consultants.”

M.L. from Adessa Consulting (Belgium and Switzerland)

Click on the above picture to watch the video or go to


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Written and spoken by Tom Meyers
written by Tom MeyersTogether_Magazine.html
Together Magazine
Together Magazine
Together Magazine
Together Magazine

page 24-26

page 25-26

Psychologies Magazine
Reaset The return of Ease

Reaset: The return of Ease

A FREE eBook by Tom Meyers

Are you running after yourself? Do you feel tense, suffer from physical pains, headaches,...? Do you feel that your mind is slow, that you doubt more then usual and feel that focussing has become more difficult?

Maybe your are locked into your survival ‘fight and flight’ mode.

Reaset: The return of Ease - is about how you can reset yourself and others back into ease in times of stress, change and challenges.

by Tom Meyers

Sep. 2014 p.29-30

page 29-30

page 33-36

Together MagazinePresentations.html





Osteopathic Body-Coaching: 80€*

Reconnective Healing: 80€*

The Reconnection: 333€*

* Prices are 21% VAT incl.

Fee presentations: on demand

   www.tommeyers.be                                                                                                                                                                                                Tom Meyers ®  (2015)

Book your appointment online
Prenez votre rendez-vous en ligne
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Book your appointment online
Prenez votre rendez-vous en ligne
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Oct. 2014 p.24-25

FR Ebook 
Written by Tom Meyers

Reaset: Le retour à Soi

Reaset_Le_retour_a_Soi.pdf by Tom Meyers

Dans certaines circonstances, le stress est bénéfique puisqu’il nous permet de surmonter le danger et donc, de survivre. Lorsque le danger est écarté, la réponse au stress doit se remettre en mode ‘veille’.

Si la réponse ne se fait pas automatiquement, nous devons l’activer manuellement.

Reaset ‘le retour à Soi’ peut nous aider à restaurer la réponse au stress en mode ‘veille’, afin de vivre pleinement notre potentiel.

Public Speaking Experience

I’ve given private workshops, lunchtime and evening presentations on the topic of Stress Management for the following companies:

Attentia, BASF, Adessa Consulting (Belgium and Switzerland), UPS (Belgium), Uniworld River Cruises (Germany), School for Dreamers (Italy) and the Council of the European Union and the European Commission: Secretariat General, DG AGRI and EACEA.

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           ☛ Doctena.behttps://www.doctena.be/doctor/tom-meyers-396https://www.doctena.be/doctor/tom-meyers-396shapeimage_18_link_0

Nov. 2014 p.29-30

Health Matters is a weekly feature on the Brussels commercial radio: RadioX


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Although the root of the problem needs to be addressed on an organisational systemic and cultural level you as an individual are the only one that can make a difference in your subjective and objective wellbeing.

Osteopathic Body-Coaching is a novel health and wellbeing approach that offers a comprehensive answer to our current health challenges caused by work-related stressors:

  1. -Musculoskeletal pain (neck, shoulder, back), headaches, digestive problems…

  2. -Stress, anxiety, depression, burnout,…

  3. -Insomnia, behavioural changes, atypical mood swings…

  4. -Feeling detached or dis-connected of one’s own thoughts, emotions, feelings

An osteopathic Body-Coaching consultation

  1. Helps to relief pain, discomfort and the adverse effects of stress

  2. -Balancing effect on the autonomous nervous system

  3. -Unwinds tensed muscles, fascia, organs,…

  4. -Realigns the body 

  5. -Rebalances the perturbed subtle energy systems and biofield

  6. -Reconnects body and mind

  7. Facilitates and stimulates your inherent self-healing mechanisms

  8. Fulfils and educational role in teaching you how to help yourself and built resilience

  9. Time: 1h15 minutes

  10. Honorarium: 80€

Book your appointment online via Doctena.be or call Tom directly on 0472 399 779https://www.doctena.be/doctor/tom-meyers-396Presentations.htmlshapeimage_19_link_0
Click image to see full illustrationwork_related_stress.html

Or call Tom on +32 (0)472 399 779

Reaset Body-Coaching
Apprenez comment de reprendre la santé en main pour soulager ou soigner 
vous même et les autres
Date prévus (à confirmer): 
L’été et printemps 2015workshops.html

Call for research volunteers

I’m currently looking for volunteers to participate in my research project as part of my Masters in the Science of Osteopathy:

  1. Are you between 30 and 50 and work in an office?

  2. Do you you spent on average 6h a day behind the computer for you work?

  3. Do you experience moderate to severe work-related stress?

  4. Do you suffer from muscular pain in neck and/or shoulders?

Have you answered yes to all the above, live in or around Brussels and like to volunteer in a research project then please fill out the online recruitment survey.

For more information click HERE. You can also email or call me on 0472 399 779

Click HERE to go to the
RECRUITMENT SURVEYhttps://www.surveymonkey.com/s/DVHJHZK

(± 2 - 5 minutes)

UPCOMING EVENTSPresentations.html


Bruxelles, 28-29 mars 2015

Presentation: Comprendre la biology du stress c’est mieux vivre.

Symposium ‘Neue Wege Gehen’

Zurich (CH), 24-25 October 2015

Workshop: “Verstehen und verarbeiten von Stress: Gesund bleiben auf deinem “neuen” Weg!

Souhaitez-vous participer en tant que volontaire à mon étude clinique ostéopathique?

Pour mon Masters en ostéopathie, je suis à la recherche de sujets pour tester l’effet d’une nouvelle approche ostéopathique sur certains des problèmes les plus courants chez les travailleurs de bureau aujourd’hui: les problèmes musculaires dans la nuque et/ou épaules, le stress et l’anxiété. L'étude comprend trois questionnaires et une seule visite à mon cabinet de Woluwe SL (Bruxelles).

•Avez-vous entre 30 et 50 ans?

•Travaillez-vous en moyenne 6h/jour derrière un ordinateur?

•Ressentez-vous du stress au travail?

•Souffrez-vous de douleurs musculaires dans le cou et / ou les épaules?

Si vous répondez ‘oui’ à toutes les questions ci-dessus, et désirez participer à mon étude, remplissez le questionnaire de recrutement ou contactez-moi au 0472 399 779 ou par email.


(± 2-5 minutes)