September 2014

Health Matters is the weekly radio show on Radio X in which I share with you personal and scientific insights, practical knowledge and handy tips about the wondrous existential matters of  health and well-being.

Health Matters has started it’s second year in and it is slightly different as the intention is to write an ongoing story to the question What is health?  "Health", we all seek it, spent lots of money, time and effort running after it and still it seems we are further away from it then ever before. Why? Join me on radio x every Monday or subscribe to the Mixcloud Podcast

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This summer I also became a member of the facilitator team of the School for Dreamers. Check out their website for more information and upcoming workshops.

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Ostéo & Co

Ave. H. Pauwels 7            

B-1200 Brussels

+32 (0) 472 399 779

“After suffering for years with back and neck pain, and  after visiting doctors, physical therapists, acupuncturists, massage therapists, you  name it, I finally found someone who had relieved my pain. After a few sessions with Tom, my  pain was gone. I still return monthly for maintenance sessions, but I have been living pain free for 2 years!” - T. Jones

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Public transport to Ostéo & Co:

Metro 1  Tomberg - exit 4

Bus 28    Tomberg

What patients say:

“I came to visit Tom for some heavy stress and mental/emotional difficulties I have been experiencing over the last 3 years. He used reconnective healing upon my request for which I have not had tremendous healing experiences from having used it once in the past.

However, this time I noticed a great improvement in mental symptoms and I was able to overcome and let go of things that I needed to let go of and find positivity in my life, whatever these issues were, which is a great start.

Now we are thinking of maybe working a bit further on the physical aspects which might have influenced the emotional issues. I like the multiple/interdisciplinary approach that Tom takes to ensure better results! Tom is also a pleasure to talk to, and takes his time. I can thoroughly recommend him to anyone who has difficulties in life!“ - Lionel F.

A consultation:

  1. Resets the natural internal (physiological) allostatic state of relaxation, ease 

  2. Realigns the body and stimulates it towards optimal balance

  3. Relaxes muscular tensions

  4. Accelerates the natural healing processes so the body can heal itself better

  5. Rebalances the perturbed subtle energy systems and biofield 

  6. Offers information on how you can help yourself to cope and take care of yourself better 

A consultation takes ± 1h 15 minutes

Physical level

  1. -Neck pain, shoulder pain and back problems

  2. -Headaches, migraines

  3. -Digestive problems, irritable bowl syndrome

  4. -Cardio-vascular problems: raised blood pressure, heart palpitations, stroke, ...

  5. -Respiratory problems

  6. -Slow healing injuries

  7. -Weakened immunity system

Mental - Social level

  1. -Reduced ability to concentrate, to focus or being creative

  2. -Depression, anxiety

  3. -Burnout

  4. -Insomnia

  5. -General malaise

  6. -Short temperedness

  7. -Social Withdrawal

  8. -Alcohol or drug abuse

Reaset Body Coaching is a new healthcare approach developed by Tom Meyers and is especially suited for people suffering from the effects of stress.

Trained as an osteopath, Tom noticed that patients who came for physical ailments like neck, shoulder or back pain also reported improvement in i.e. concentration, making decisions, insights, creativity, coping abilities after a treatment.

This lead Tom to the question how the body can influence the mind? The results were there but why and what was the relationship between bodywork and significant improvement in behaviour, coping abilities and emotional stability?

Insights in the stress-response gave him a breakthrough in the understanding of the body - mind interaction, which in turn lead to the development of Reaset Body-Coaching.

Stress from a physical perspective is a wide range of physiological responses - leading to i.a. the release of adrenaline and cortisol - to a stressor causing an alteration in the neurological  and hormonal balance.

Prolonged stress, an excessive amount of stress over a short period of time, or successive stress without the body having enough time to regain its neuro-hormonal balance, will lead to illness or disease on a physical and/or mental - social level:

Don't wait until stress has a negative impact on your

health, relationships or quality of life.

Healthy Workplaces Manage Stress

Is work-stress effecting the health of your employees and the productivity of your company?

Are you looking for an effective solution to improve health and wellbeing of your employees then watch the video and see how I can help you manage stress levels more effectively.

For more information or a quote send me an email or give me a call on +32 (0)472 399 779

"Tom's talks, at the Brussels Imagination Club, about stress and its affect on the body and mind are insightful as are his suggestions on how to deal with stress effectively. I highly recommend him as a speaker."

Jeffrey Baumgartner" author of The Way of the Innovation Master, inventor of Anticonventional Thinking and co-founder of the Brussels Imagination Club"

Reaset Breathing

To accompany the breathing exercises I composed two cyclical accompaniments. Reaset Breathing 1 is composed with the sound of seagulls and wave while Reaset Breathing 2 is a tune on the piano.

You can download them for FREE here:

Reaset Breathing 1:

Reaset Breathing 2:

Understanding and Managing Stress Presentation Video

“We have really appreciate the good collaboration. You had taken into account all our questions and doubts we had token about before.  Your intervention met our expectations and we received good returns from our consultants.”

M.L. from Adessa Consulting

Tom Meyers

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Tom Meyers

I'm Tom Meyers, Stress Coach for Body and Mind - and I present every Monday the feature HEALTH MATTERS on Radio X.

On HEALTH MATTERS I take a closer look at the ‘S’ word... that has become one of the biggest challenges to our health and wellbeing  ... ‘STRESS’ ...

STRESS: What is it? Why has it become a nuisance? and most importantly ... What can you do about it?

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Written and spoken by Tom Meyers
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Reaset The return of Ease

Reaset: The return of Ease

A FREE eBook by: Tom Meyers

Are you running after yourself? Do you feel tense, suffer from physical pains, headaches,...? Do you feel that your mind is slow, that you doubt more then usual and feel that focussing has become more difficult?

Maybe your are locked into your survival ‘fight and flight’ mode.

Reaset: The return of Ease - is about how you can reset yourself and others back into ease in times of stress, change and challenges.

by Tom Meyers

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